LabChart 8 Training Courses - Online

Here at ADInstruments, we make it our priority to ensure your experience of our software is optimal. Our interactive online courses below are designed to help you become the expert in understanding what your data is trying to tell you. A detailed information pack about both courses is available here.

LabChart 8 - Free access:

  • Media-rich 'How-to' video content.
  • Interactive, online lessons about LabChart 8 data acquisition and analysis tools.
  • Course content available for six months.
  • This course option provides an in-depth overview of key LabChart 8 features. The is free of charge; you can register here.

LabChart 8 - Premium:

  • LabChart 8 Free access course, plus:
    • Two one-to-one sessions (1 hour each) with a LabChart 8 expert.
    • Additional LabChart 8 training modules.
  • This course is associated with a fee of 300 GBP / 335 Euro; you can register here.

Please note, these courses are only available to European users at this point. However, you are most welcome to register your interest and should the initiative become available in other regions, we will notify you as soon as possible.


LabChart Experts

Paula Croft, 
Training and Technical Support Manager.

Paula’s background in cardiovascular research at Kings College, London - where she used both the PowerLab and LabChart - gave her the knowledge to successfully move into a support role at the ADInstruments’ Oxford office in 2003.

For the last decade, she has led a dedicated and successful support team here in Europe. The team aspire to share their extensive knowledge and expertise with new and existing LabChart 8 users, providing help and support through training. They make data analysis easier and enable users to delve deeper into the Science.

Kevin Evans,
Research Support Specialist.

Kevin is our Research Support Specialist, working out of the Oxford office. Kevin was lucky enough to be able to combine his hobbies of adventure sports and climbing with his knowledge of physiology into a very interesting and energetic PhD.

Kevin’s love of science spans from being allowed to be very hands-on with science at an early age, which continues to be reflected in how he deals with the tasks of his job on a day-to-day basis. His experience in the field of physiology research lends itself nicely to providing help to our customers within his support role.